Ordering and sending

After each order, you will receive an acknowledgement, as well as the email address to which the payment should be made. The order will be dealt with as soon as payment is received. We are usually notified of this directly.

We try to deal with the order within seven days and pass it on to PostNL to send it. You will also get a receipt for this.

For most of the orders, it is possible to make a choice from two methods of payment: the quickest  is to make use of iDEAL within the Netherlands, and via your credit card for foreign payments. In some cases, the cost of payment is added to the amount of your order and is clearly shown.

Dependent on size and weight, the order-system chooses a suitable means of sending. For this, we use an ‘average suitable solution’, that may sometimes be disadvantageous, sometimes advantageous for you. In each case, the costs for sending are added to those for your order and are clearly shown.

Returned items

According to the Wet Koop op Afstand (Law on buying at a distance), you have the right to return the ordered products within 14 calendar days. If you wish to  make use of this possibility, you must fill in our Contact Form and we will then let you know how to return the product and what effect this has on the payment. We will see to it that the original payment  will be reimbursed. The cost of returning the product will be for you.

Privacy and Cookies

We are required to keep the details of orders and sales for several years. You may be sure that these are only for our own administration purposes and will never be given to a third party.
This website uses ‘cookies’. They are only used when technically necessary and/or useful for your use of the site.

General conditions

In the ‘small print’, we show the rules we use in selling our products, in order to clarify things that affect the sale of these to you. This means that you should read them and accept them.


We have only a small staff and cannot preclude that mistakes can be made. If it is clear that if this is the case, we retain the right to decide not to honour the order and to return your payment. We shall, of course, always try to find a suitable solution in consultation with you.