Jaap van der EndeJaap van der Ende passed away on Thursday the 13th of September, at the age of 90. He was born in the stately home of Tol number 6 in Schoonhoven, here he lived his whole life.

His father owned a restoration, carpentry and upholstery business. In the workshop behind the house, Jaap was educated in the trade by his father. Between 1950 and 1958, he also studied sculpture, design and modelling at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam. Duly, his first professions were cabinetmaker and restorer.

When the old carillonneur A.C. Lensen was looking for assistance, Jaap came into contact with the carillon. He became very devoted, and from 1953 onwards he played almost every Saturday on the carillon of Schoonhoven. He also took lessons from Leen ‘t Hart at the HKU Netherlands Carillon School and attained State Certification A in 1961 and State Certification B in 1963. In 1966, he was appointed as city carillonneur of Dordrecht, but he also was carillonneur to Gouda, Woerden, Oudewater, Zoetermeer and Bergambacht for many years.

Jaap van der Ende was undoubtedly under the instrument's spell and tried to get the bells into the spotlights as often as possible. He was frequently in touch with listeners and introduced open-tower concerts to Dordrecht. After these concerts, there were debriefing gatherings in ’t Klockhuys next to the tower.

ende jaap vander 2Van der Ende had very critical beliefs regarding the music that should be played on a carillon. Personally, he preferred folksongs. Incomprehensible modern pieces were not suitable and regarded as detrimental to a public instrument. Repertoire needed to be carefully selected. For his concert programs, he liked to choose works by one composer or multiple compositions from a specific era. By happy circumstance Van der Ende inspired the well-known composer Kors Monster, Dordrecht, to write a number of original pieces for carillon which are still appreciated today.

Following British traditions, the Dordrecht Change Ringing Guild was formed on the initiative by Van der Ende in 1971. There are still eight ringer ropes on the attic of the tower in Dordrecht.

Van der Ende also worked as carillon liaison to the Nederlandse Klokkenspel Vereniging (Dutch Carillon Association). Afterwards, he often offered advice in a personal capacity, such as the large restoration of the carillon of the Domtower between 1972 and 1974.

In 1981, Jaap van der Ende was knighted in the Order of Orange-Nassau. At his retirement in 1993 he received the bronze honorary medallion of the city of Dordrecht.

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