belfort doornik tournaiThe international carillon competition ‘Maurice and Géo Clément’ will be held for the first time in the Belgian city of Tournai on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th September 2019. To celebrate that the carillon culture has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List for five years. This competition is restricted to carillonneurs under the age of 21. There are two categories. The session on Saturday is for those who do not yet use the pedals of a baton-type keyboard. They are expected to play a compulsory work by Clément on the mobile chamber carillon "Queen Fabiola" (49 bells) and a work of their choice on the carillon of the Belfry (55 bells). On Sunday, the young carillonneurs who already use the entire baton-type keyboard will play on the tower carillon. They too must play a compulsory work by Clément plus an arrangement of a contemporary piece, for example pop or jazz music.

amsterdam zuidertoren carillon1During maintenance work on the Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam in 2011, the lead in its spire was discovered to be in bad shape even though it had only been applied during the restoration in 1994. Inevitably, scaffolding was erected around the tower again in 2016. The new restoration could start after the dismantling of the carillon with three octaves and the removal of all 35 bells from the tower. Of these bells, 23 were cast by François Hemony in 1656-1657. Royal Eijsbouts had replaced the highest octave with replicas of the original Hemony-bells in 1994.

perpignan cathedrale saint jean baptisteBetween the 10th of April and the 20th the 31st edition of the ‘Festival de Musique Sacrée’ took place in Perpignan, France. For this festival, an international composition contest for carillon was organized. The winning composition would be premiered during the festival on the Bollée carillon (1878) in the tower of the ‘Cathédrale St. Jean Baptiste’

amsterdam westertorenFor a large number of Jewish holidays, such as the Jewish New Year (Rosh ha Shana), Great Day of Atonement (Yom Kipur), the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) and Joy of the Law (Simchat Torah), composer and carillonneur Mathieu Daniël Polak has written some compositions and also arranged existing music for carillon.

foto bob van der lindeOn Friday the 5th of April Bob van der Linde, student of the HKU Netherlands Carillon School, successfully completed the second part of his master's exam. Bob performed his concert on the carillon of the Domtoren in Utrecht for a jury of five.

10-14 July 2019

fabiola logo 2019From 10th till 14th of July, unique sounds of the carillon will be heard throughout the inner city of Mechelen during the International Carillon Competition Queen Fabiola. This musical competition is held every five years and is now at its eighth edition. The Royal Carillon School Jef Denyn and the Association for Tower and Carillon will bring together the cream of carillonneurs from all corners of the world.

The pre-selections will be held on Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th of July.  From these candidates, an international jury will choose the five finalists. 
A new element is introduced: all candidates of the pre-selections can take part in an improvisation-competition if they wish to do so.
On Saturday 13th of July the finalists will play the first day of the finals on the concert-carillon of Sint-Rombouts.  The highlight of the competition will be the second day of the finals on Sunday 14th of July in the Cultural Center, where the carillonneurs will not only perform solo on the Chamber-Carillon but will also perform together with a brass-ensemble.

Candidates can register to take part in the competition until May the 15th.

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‘The bell is the oldest mass medium’, said colleague Luc Rombouts. When a bell rang, something is going on: danger, important visitors, the gate closes. In the meantime, other media have made their appearance for practical issues. But when the peace is at stake, the ancient bell is gladly returned. Peace bells come in all shapes and sizes, around 150 worldwide. The commemoration of the end of the First World War this year yielded two new peace carillons in Bel-gium - what's in a name? – the instrument for the abbey of Park (Leuven) and the carillon for Aarschot (more on this subject in this Carillon News). There are all kinds of connections between bells and peace, from Ida Gerhardt's famous poem 'Het carillon' and the proverbial 'Who shoots with bells, does not win the war' until the ceremonial strike of the peace bell at the United Nations building in New York.

Christmas is coming again. There, too, bells and peace touch each other. In heaven the bells are ringing, are they not? If the association was so strong that the ringing of bells could actually bring world peace closer ... We can try it anyway.

Peace and all good!
Christiaan Winter

From now on Hylke Banning will be assisted by Hans van Heemst. Hans is – besides organist and teacher French – student at the HKU/Nederlandse Beiaardschool. We hope for a fruitful and long-term cooperation. Welcome! 

maastrichtThe Stichting Klinkend Erfgoed (Foundation for Sound Heritage) is committed to preserving and opening up organs, swinging bells, turret clocks and carillons. In this context the foundation organized the Festival Klinkend Erfgoed, where the kickoff in the form of a symposium took place on Friday 31 August 2018 in Maastricht. In addition, there were all sorts of activities in which the carillon sounded frequently, very often in combination with other instruments. On Saturday, a bell relay was held in the region, with five Dutch-Limburg and two Belgian-Limburg carillons being played by carillon students..

trindade brazilie luidklokAt the bell foundry Jan Felczyński in Poland, the largest swinging bell in the world was cast in the summer of 2017. The 'Vox Patris', as the bell is called, is destined for the new 'Basilica do Divino Pai Eterno' in Trindade, Brazil. The bronze bell (78% copper / 22% tin) weighs 55 tons, is more than four meters high and has a diameter of 4½ meters. The clapper will weigh about two tons. Four linear motors are required to set the bell in motion.

aarschot onze lieve vrouwekerkOn Sunday November 11, 2018 a new carillon was inaugurated in Aarschot, a town in Vlaams-Brabant with about 30.000 inhabitants. On this day it was also commemorated that 100 years ago the First World War ended with an Armistice. The names of 192 citizens from Aarschot who lost their lives during the invasion of the Germans in 1914 are mentioned on one of the bells. With this Peace Carillon Aarschot wants to commemorate the millions of victims of this horrendous war as well.